Twin tube damping design, or TTX technology, was developed and first released back in 2002, its first use being in various single seater racing series. This positive pressure buildup technology was pioneered by Öhlins in racing dampers in 1992. The motivation and intention in development was to vastly improve suspension reliability and performance. 

Since then, the technology has been developed further to maximize performance on the track and is now widely featured in most top-level racing classes. It has become somewhat of our signature damping system with its twin tube technology and is deployed across all market segments, ranging from front forks and rear shocks for motorcycles and MTB as well as the automotive and powersports arena. Most recently as we entered the MTB Cross Country segment and brought the TTX technology into it, the technology set a new standard in damping function. The common denominator being a premium product range that meets the highest demand for performance. 

The TTX technology is based on the principle of creating damping force by raising oil pressure on one side of the piston and having gas pressure on the other side.  Single tube dampers often see a reduction in pressure on one side of the piston. By never reducing oil pressure below gas pressure, cavitation can be avoided. Cavitation is a phenomenon that occurs when the pressure drops in the damper and gas bubbles form in the oil. This severely impairs damper performance. Using a TTX damper, a driver/rider will notice this as the damper unit delivering unrivalled control and flawless damping, no matter the conditions. The TTX technology also makes it possible to regulate the oil flow through the compression and rebound valves separately, meaning that rebound and compression damping is adjusted individually. On most single tube dampers, the “rebound” adjuster also affects compression. Thousands and thousands of engineering hours have been invested in perfecting our twin tube design to deliver the best dynamic damping behaviour possible. With a TTX damper you will never experience a loss of damping performance when pushing your vehicle to the limits, no matter the terrain or track/road conditions. Its consistent performance keeps the driver/rider safe and provides improved traction, control, and confidence. The TTX’s positive pressure buildup technology also keeps the damper’s dynamic behaviour constant over the full adjustment range, meaning that you can use the adjusters’ full adjustment range without any loss in damper response or performance.  For all products fitted with TTX damping technology, there is a race-proven setting bank available to further tune the damper to suit any specific driver/rider, vehicle, or driving/riding style. With the TTX technology you receive the highest level of suspension technology, a real racing product. You find the TTX technology in a variety of dimensions, lengths, and designs, all tested by our qualified test drivers and -riders. With the individual adjusters for the compression- and rebound valves you have the best possible option setting up your vehicle to achieve the ultimate handling, comfort, and confidence, regardless of if it’s for a race or that Sunday drive/ride.
Twin-tube technology provides the possibility and is designed to control the two-way oil flow through the piston and through double tubes. It makes it possible tune the oil when it is passing the compression and rebound valves separately and by that control the pressure on each side of the piston. A rider will notice this as the damper unit delivers unrivaled control and flawless damping, no matter the conditions.





You find the TTX-technology in a variety of dimensions, lengths and designs, all tested by our qualified test-riders/drivers. With the individual adjusters for the compression- and rebound valve you have the best possible option to set up your vehicle for the track. 


Eliminates risk of cavitation, guaranteeing consistent damping in all conditions

Fully individual compression and rebound adjusters

Huge adjustment range

Damper dynamics and response stays constant over full adjustment range

4-way adjustable versions available: low-speed compression, high-speed compression, low-speed rebound, high-speed rebound